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Let's face the REAL Reality. --Forgiveness and Acceptance
Saturday, November 13, 2010 [11:58:00 PM
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If you don't believe that God exist,
just read until here.
There's no such sense in reading this post.

Silence in my surroundings. The atmosphere changed. I'm decided to go lay down on my bed this time but there's this something that whispering to me, "Recall everything. But this time, with a grown-up mind."

It started with a candy. I saw a candy on my desk. I remembered my childhood days. If your friend got angry with you, you can solve the problem just by giving him/her a candy. Each of one can talk appropriately as it should be. 'Coz friendship is more important than pride. Everything is not just complicated unlike nowadays. We don't need to oppressed people. Honestly, we don't have the right to do that. He is born to be respect and to be treated they way it should be. But why there are certain people who keep on bullying people? Do they have some little conscience? I mean feelings that, what if there are also certain people who make that thing to them? I know in myself that they would get annoyed (based on my experience).

Let's be fair to everyone and fully understand them. Specifically in forgiving someone. I know it's one of the hardest thing to give to people who break you heart, who break your trust, who hurt you even in simplest things. But why don't you be glad that these people who make mistakes with us give us the reason to be more strong, more patient, more understanding and particularly more faithful to God, Do you? If you're gonna ask me about that, I would say "I'm glad for giving me such circumstances in my life even with the simplest things. That helped me build my personality." And remember that no one can say that I cannot forgive him/her. For me, that's stupidity. Remember that time heals. If God forgive people who make sins everyday, why can't we? We are not superior in this world. We are born to build peace and happiness. Excluded the fact that we are born to seek for our partner in life. :) If everyone is sensitive with the feelings of other people, maybe there's no war to be declare.

In my seventeen years of living, I've gained a lot of experience from different point of views in life. I've learned from it. From being pessimistic, I'm now being optimistic. That was started when I gave my faith to God. I've learned to forgive people even with their cyclic mistakes. Maybe they are just not on the process of gaining the real consciousness. From having a lot of experience, I fully understand why people do such thing. This is only based of what he/she experienced that I have also experienced. We cannot fully understand how or what people feel until we experienced those things that he/she is going through. Hence, we are not to judge people from their actions. :) Besides, no one can dictates us. Every time I encounter problems, I just pray because actually, no one can help you but yourself and God. Let God be the first one who'll hear your problems, the background in your success, everything. Let God be the fist one to thank because everything is in God's will. Excluded the evilness of every moment. It's by man's will. God don't have a choice but to follow what's your choice. But us have a choice to not follow or disregard God. That is really unfair. Why don't we just thank God for everything that exists here in Earth. Without God, how we should live? If you could just appreciate God and everything, you'll know how life can be so wonderful.

I give everything to God. Maybe I cannot understand things very well today, but I know time will come that I could comprehend in every thing that happens. God knows everything. It's our choice to make our path whether to go with Him or not.

God will never disappoint me, you, anyone.
Proven and tested.
Based on my experience.
Remember that. ;)

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